What To Do When God Is Silent


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Nov. 24, 2019

Sermon Outline


Matthew 15:21-28

Introduction:As Jesus is seeking a time of rest, a Canaanite woman brings a request for her daughter’s healing.At first she is ignored, excluded and embarrassed.How do we respond when God is silent to our prayers?

I.______________________ OUT TO GOD (v. 22)

A.She Was Motivated By Her ___________________ For Her Daughter

B.Jesus Is _________________

C.The Disciples Saw Her As A _____________________

D.“I Was Sent Only To The Lost Sheep Of Israel” (v 24)

E.Examples In The Psalms

II.__________________________ God (v 25)

A.Three Times She Addresses Jesus “____________________”

B.“Dogs” (v 26)

* Refers to small household dogs

* Not hostile to her but is ___________________ her.

III._______________________ AND _____________________________ (v 27)

A.Jesus is _________________________ her.

* Is she coming out of superstition or for _______________?

* Is she coming out of _______________ and trust?

B. She Demonstrates:

* ______________________

* Unconditional Submission

* Simple

C. Jesus _____________________________ Her Prayer

“Woman, you have great faith!Your request is granted” (v 28)

“For such a reply, you may go; the demon has left your daughter.”

Mark 7:29

Conclusion:The Canaanite woman expressed her faith in her prayer, worship and persistence.Where is your faith being tested today?